Every day, we walked along a narrow path through a thick forest to reach the plantation. I found that quite scary because there were big snakes there.

I was five.
My dream of becoming a footballer has now become a dream of opening a sewing workshop, because I’m learning to be a tailor.
Although… if a scout asked me if I wanted to train as a footballer, I wouldn’t say no. That dream hasn’t completely vanished.

Edyon (18)
13 Oct - 22 Nov 2017
Beurs van Berlage
Who are the children who harvest the cocoa for our chocolate in West Africa? What was their life like? What dreams about the future do they cherish? Fifteen of them tell their stories in this exhibition.

For every ticket of the exhibition or copy of the book sold, a contribution will be made to GRADE-FRB’s rehabilitation shelter for former child labourers.
Bitter Chocolate Stories is a Paradox production in collaboration with: Joana Choumali (photography), Marijn Heemskerk (texts), GRADE-FRB and Tony’s Chocolonely. Design: Kummer & Herrman.