About Bitter Chocolate Stories

More than 2 million child labourers work on cocoa plantations in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, and tens of thousands of children are victims of trafficking and forced labour in cocoa production.

Why? So that we, the consumers thousands of kilometres away, can eat the chocolate we love so much.

In Bitter Chocolate Stories, which comprises a website, book and exhibition, we meet 15 of these children: Bassirou, Valerie, Augustin, Sarata, Mohamed, Cedric, Ghislain, Issaka, Bèbè, Kassoum, Laeticia, Alexis, Cathérine, Josias and Edyon.

We take you to the cocoa plantations where they worked and hear their stories and the stories of their parents, the cocoa farmers and the people who are trying to put an end to child labour.

A portion of the proceeds from the project (5 euros for every book sold and 2.50 euros for every exhibition ticket sold) will be donated to GRADE-FRB’s shelter in Burkina Faso, where the children portrayed here live. The shelter provides a number of services to victims of child labour and other forms of abuse, including counselling and training.

By buying the book and visiting the exhibition, you are also contributing to a brighter future for these children.